Friday, October 15, 2010

Grocery Store Adventures

Reese hates shopping and usually makes any trip an adventure, but today's grocery store run was worthy of sharing.

We weren't getting a lot today, but I did get a couple of different fresh meats. He was really interested in the meat and I had to push it all the way to the back of the cart thinking that was taking care of the problem. We managed to get into the check out line without too much destruction and mayhem (only 3 or 4 items were thrown out of the cart). I noticed that the cashier looked a little concerned as she was emptying the cart. This prompted me to see what exactly Reese was doing. Somehow, he managed to get the package of crock pot meat open and had a slice of meat in his hand. He was attempting to eat it! I guess he likes his steak rare! I took it away and threw it in the trash and attempted to clean his hands.

A few minutes later a family from church got in line behind us and started talking to Reese. I heard the lady ask him if his daddy was at church. He quickly answered her, but I did not hear his answer. The cashier then looked at him and repeated his answer, "Daddy is playing golf." To my surprise that was the right answer. I had not told him where Bryan was, so I am not sure how he knew. He is very observant and doesn't miss much. Be careful what you say to him... He will not forget and will probably repeat it!

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